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1. Services

1.1 Hiring our company for designing of the website, logotype, online store, banner or business card is strictly the offer contained on the website www.elementum2.co.uk.
1.2 Agreeing to the design of the website, online store, logotype, banner, business card is based on the proposed design provided by Elementum2.
1.3 The proposed design of the website will contain five standard bookmarks: home page, about us, services, price list, contact.
1.4 The proposed online store design will include a website from point 1 (1.3), additionally a list of products including price, product description, photo, delivery, payment method (default standard bank transfer). An order basket will be implemented to the online store, which consists of the product purchase process: Your Cart, Your Details, Reviev Your Details, Done.
1.5 Point 1 (1.4) does not contain non-standard payment methods such as PayPal, Credit Card, etc.
1.6 Non-standard payment methods are subject to the services of an external supplier and the Client to use these services should purchase them from an external supplier in accordance with its terms of service.
1.7 The logo design will contain three free projects for the Client acceptance.
1.8 The banner design will consist of one free project for the Client acceptance.
1.9 The business card will contain three free projects for the Client acceptance.
1.10 Elementum2 does not provide search engine optimization as a separate service.
1.11 At the Client's request, Elementum2 can put keywords on the website. However, only on the website which was created by Elementum2.
1.12 Elementum2 is not responsible for the position in web search engines, of the website which was created by Elementum2. The position of the website which was made by Elementum2 is defined by the web search engine providers (e.g. Google, Bing, Yahoo!, etc.).
1.13 Elementum2 may, at its discretion, put information "Design and implementation by Elementum2" with the link, at the bottom of the website or online shop. The Client agrees to pay us a fee of PLN 15 000 for the removal or modification of the information "Design and implementation by Elementum2"or "Design and implementation by ELEMENTUM2", in whole or in part for placing this annotation in the footer or heading of the website made by ELEMENTUM2..

2. Changes in projects

2.1 The project is implemented according to the Elementum2 concept. However, based on preliminary findings regarding the project.
2.2 After payment but prior to the implementation of the project, the Client is obliged to send general assumptions about the project implemented by Elementum2 for the Client.
2.2.a General assumptions of the project from point 2 (2.2) the "General assumptions of the project" consist of: colour of pages, name of basic bookmarks, order of basic bookmarks.
2.3 The Client is obliged to send the all content of bookmarks such as: about us, price list, gallery, contact, product description, product gallery, terms and conditions, private policy, as well as any other additional bookmarks that will be included in the project.
2.4 Any comments regarding the project, including the "General assumptions of the project" should be directed by email to office@elementum2.co.uk after paying the payment. However, before starting work on the project.
2.5 When the project can not be made by Elementum2 (any reason) after the customer's informations have been received point 2 (2.4), the payment will be returned to the client to fourteen working days. The fee will not be refunded if the Client fails to fulfill the obligation of points 2. (2.2), 2. (2.2.a).
2.6 After receiving preliminary informations on the project from the Client, including the "General assumptions of the project", the Client will be informed by phone or email about the feasibility of the project.
2.7 If the project is accepted by Elementum2, the payment is not refunded.
2.8 All changes in projects are free. However, they can not refer to the template, which is the basis of the project. Free changes concern the layout of the bookmarks, changes in the gallery, content of the bookmarks.
2.9 Template - the general design of a website or online shop with the exclusion of bookmarks and content of bookmarks.
2.10 The website or online shop project is deemed as complete when the Client has informed us that they are ready for the website to be moved on to their own domain. At this point, we will no longer be obligated to undertake any further work on the website or online shop. At the Client's request, the website files or online shop files will be sent in the iwzip file to the Client's email. At the Client's request logo files, banner files, business card files will be sent in the zip file to the Client's email.
2.11 The logotype, banner and business card is considered complete when the client declares acceptance of the project by e-mail or by phone.
2.12 The customer agrees that there is no guarantee that they will like or use any of projects created by Elementum2. However, Elementum2 guarantees that every effort will be made to ensure that the design meet the Client's expectations.

3. Payments

3.1 Prices do not include the cost of domain and hosting.
3.2 Payment must be paid before Elementum2 begins work on the project.
3.3 The prices in the "Projects" refer to points 1 (1.3, 1.4, 1.7, 1.8, 1.9) of these Terms and Conditions.
3.4 The prices in the "Projects" include: one website design, one online store design, three logo designs, one banner design, three business card designs.
3.5 Changing the template of website or online shop after presenting the project to the Client is a cost of 699 PLN.
3.6 Changing of logo, banner, business card after presenting the project to the client is a cost of 350 PLN.
3.7 All payments for Elementum2 services related to www.elementum2.co.uk are made to a bank account. The Elementum2 bank account details will be sent to the Client's email address after purchasing the service.
3.8 Online shop service by Elementum2 for the Client - is a monthly fee of 400 PLN (no contract). The fee is paid in advance and Elementum2 is obligated to operate online shop for a month after the day of payment. No fee for the following month causes the Elementum2 to cease servicing online shop.
3.8.a Online shop services for the Client - placing a new product with a description and photo, removing products, to organise products. To point 3 (3.9.a), point 2 (2.5 - in part on the refund of the fee) does not apply. Point 2 (2.3) is strictly applicable to point 3 (3.8, 3.8.a).

4. Website and online shop hosting and domains

4.1 Elementum2 does not provide hosting services and is not a domain provider.
4.2 The Client should have its own domain on which Elementum2 will accomplish the service in accordance with the offer at www.elementum2.co.uk.
4.3 The Client should have its own a domain provider.
4.4 If Client does not have its own domain and hosting provider, Elementum2 will present to the Client an external hosting proposal.

5. Time needed to complete the project

5.1 After paying the project fee, the Client will receive an email from Elementum2 about the time needed to complete the project.
5.2 The project completion time can not be longer than fourteen working days.
5.3 Any delay on the part of the Client may extend the time of project implementation.

For all disputes regarding services on this site, the law of Poland will be used.
All prices for services are set individually.

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2 (2.12) The Clients agrees that there is no guarantee that they will like or use any of projects created by Elementum2. However, Elementum2 guarantees that every effort will be made to ensure that the design meet the Client's expectations.

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